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The Leading Custom Hand Fan Supplier and Wholesaler in Malaysia – The Hand Fan Supplier and Wholesaler in Malaysia

We are specialized in supplying quality custom print PP/PVC hand fan in Malaysia. If you’re looking for a budget promotional item for events, corporate or conference. Yes! We are here for you! In addition, you also able to custom-made it with whatever shape you want!

Our team ready to gives you the best service for you from the day you leave us an inquiry till the day you received your goods. Hence, we look forward to serving you! So, contact us or leave us an e-mail and get a free quotation now!


1. Printing

Custom print front and back of the hand fan with the graphic you want. Just send us your design and we will do an artwork for you!

2. Custom Shapes

You can custom-made and personalised the shape of the hand fan. While the classic size for the hand fan is in round shape. Just send us your design and we will custom-made it for you!

3. Material

Our hand fan’s material is made from white based PP/PVC & synthetic card that hard to broke no matter how hard you fan it.

4. Black Coloured Handle

All hand fan comes with a black handle that’s fit the hand fan perfectly. Moreover, it’s easy to clip on and off on the hand fan.

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